Mr. Shali Ittaman ( Media Consultants)

Mr. Shali Ittaman

Shali Ittaman is one of the prominent new media consultants in the country from New Delhi, India. He was associated with the Press Trust of India, which is the premier agency in the country having a wide news gathering network as a full time consultant. In addition, he also has an association with other reputed press organizations. His contribution to the traditional media organizations like various newspaper groups is immense. In his line of work, he helps traditional media organizations, especially newspaper groups, to transit to the new media environment. His long 22 years of work experience has led to a comprehensive understanding of the Indian media market.

Shali started his career as a sub-editor in Press Institute of India in 1989. For the next several years, he worked as a mainstream journalist earning a name as a deckhand and a feature writer of some capacity. By the time he was ready to leave an active job to become a full-time consultant, he had risen to the position of Editor, Times of, India’s most popular news website. During this tenure, he has adorned pivotal positions in organizations such as Times of India, The Pioneer & Hindustan Times. His contribution in the field earned him the position of the editor in The site was also the flagship property of the media giant Benett Coleman & Co Ltd.