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About Med-e-Talks

What makes Med-e-talks Special?

Med-e-Talks is the 1st of its kind talk and workshop to be conducted in India and also probably in Asia and Africa. The prime focus is on new age healthcare facility or practice related marketing. The sessions would have special focus on Internet Marketing for Healthcare. The seminar and talks will provide insight into various real time practical experience from industries and business who have successfully adopted new age marketing strategies. Many of the speakers of the seminar have been change agents in the internet industry and have worked for the industry right from the time when Internet became available in India. Pivotal topics such as medical tourism, new-age marketing and new-age healthcare management, Mobile apps for Health care and Health care monitoring, Lead Generation for Hospitals, Maximizing Conversion of Patient Leads, Tele medicine, Intellectual Property rights will also be discussed in detail.


The benefits that one can obtain from this seminar are manifold. The professionals who attend the function can updated about the latest changes in the field of health care marketing. In addition, they can also keep in track of the latest developments in this field. Management and healthcare professionals can also gain in-depth understanding so as to know how these strategies can be applied in the field of healthcare.

Who Should Attend

Med-e-Talk 2018 is an exclusive seminar meant for people in the field of health care industry. This workshop is designed to share and impart insights into latest practices and ideas in the field. Business strategies for health care professionals to develop a profitable practice resulting in organizational growth constitute health care marketing. Internet has conquered most business streams including health care management. New strategies and practices of digital marketing are still strange for many healthcare professionals. This workshop intends to enhance the knowledge base of the medical professionals who want to boost their business in this area.

The following category of people will get most benefit from this seminar:

  • CEOs of Hospitals
  • Doctors: Dentists, Surgeons, Ayurvedic physicians
  • Clinic Owners
  • Health Care Professionals
  • Hospital Managers
  • Hospital Management Students
  • Post Graduate Doctors
  • Hospitals Marketing Managers
  • Hospital Admins
  • Hospital Owners