• Event Date & Time : January 26, 2020
  • Event Location : Bengaluru, India

About Anvita

Conducting an event like Med-E-Talks 2020 is a real milestone in the growth trajectory of the organizer. The organizer Anvita Tours2Health Pvt Ltd, has grown from a start-up firm in the year 2009 to India Largest Online Marketing organization having a special focus on Medical Tourism. We have successfully completed the highest number of online campaigns for Healthcare in India and probably the world . This event will also help the organizer gain in depth insights into the health care industry and also have a more expert understanding of the expectations of the healthcare facilities and practitioners.

This event is going to witness the participation of several doctors/hospital management dignitaries across the globe. Our company is continuously working in this field 24×7 and hence, interactions like these shall definitely help us in boosting our overall understanding of client requirements.

At present, we have about 200+ domestic and international clients, who have received a great deal of benefit from us. We have helped our clients not only in lead generation but also in lead to patient conversion,build their referral network and suggest,facilitate other PR activities. Being a company with global presence, we also consistently strive hard to extend links to all countries in the world.

Our Value Added services like MEDENQ,VIRTUAL SECRATARY and Chat Support definitely help us deliver a wider range of services. We have also developed specialty based patient information portals are very much unique in the aspect that they individually focus on treatment in popular medical domains like Cardiology, Dentistry, Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery,Bariatrics,Cardiology,ENT ,Ayurveda etc. All the work is done purely on a result and service oriented basis. Therefore, along with providing appropriate treatment options to the patients,making the healthcare provider visible to patients , we ensure that all campaigns are cost-effective manner.

Our company is based in Infopark, Thrissur. Infopark has been set up by the Government of Kerala for the development of IT in the state. It houses some of the reputed and fast-growing firms in the country. Infopark is also considered as working place of some of the most sought after brightest professionals in the country. The hard work of these professionals has not only created some of the most innovative IT solutions, but also has significantly helped in serving the common man. Infopark is now considered as the epicenter of technological boom in the state. We humbly take pride in contributing in an effective way to this rapid growth.

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Who Should Attend

  • Doctors 
  • Hospital Administrators
  • Hospital Quality Managers
  • Hospital Management Students
  • Hospital Marketing Professionals
  • Hospital CEOs, COOs & Promoters
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Medical Tourism Agents
  • Hospital Managers
  • Hospital Owners
  • Clinic Owners
  • Media Professionals
  • Researchers & Academicians.

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