• Event Date & Time : January 26, 2020
  • Event Location : Bengaluru, India

Terms & Conditions

The general terms and conditions for participation in Med E Talks 2018 ( Talks and Workshops ) are :

1. Subject matter, conclusion of the contract

1.1, These general terms and conditions of apply for any participants/for participation in Med E Talks programs delivered by Anvita Tours2Health Pvt Ltd. (subsequently referred to as MeT or T2H).

1.2, Only these general terms and conditions of business apply. Terms and conditions of business of those receiving training or attending the talk or workshop (subsequently referred to as participant) do not apply, even if not explicitly stated by T2H. The terms and conditions presented in this document also apply if T2H knowingly renders services due that are in conflict with the participants terms and conditions of business.

1.3, Participants must register in advance to take part in MeT. Registration consists of filling out a form, either by hand or online, that is provided by T2H. Registration also includes paying of the Fees as required by the training program. The current Med E Talks website provides a list of sessions and Fees of MeT.

1.4 MeT/T2H will then submit a written/ email confirmation for the participation upon receipt of Registration along with Fees. The terms and conditions only takes effect once the participant has confirmed the participation in response to the confirmation from MeT/T2H in writing/email.

2. Conducting Med E Talks

2.1, T2H is responsible for conducting Med E Talks or for contracting a third party to conduct the program and is free to choose any consultant/speaker for such purposes. T2H is entitled to transfer the duties of the contract to a third party to perform and to change the contents of Med E Talks sessions as long as the primary message of the talks is not compromised. MeT/T2H may cancel sessions,event as a whole or change the date/time/venue of Med E Talks or designate the training location with advance notice.

2.2, MeT/T2H will make every effort to provide the participant with all important knowledge during sessions, as per T2H understanding .Any factual errors presented by speakers or in the content of the session/during the session is not the responsibility of T2H/MeT.

2.3, T2H/MeT may conduct sessions on its own premises, on the participants premises, or at another mutually agreed upon location. Sessions is to be conducted during the dates specified by T2H/MeT in the email/written communication and confirmed by the participant.

2.4, If MeT takes place on T2H premises, T2H will provide each participant with a chair,desk and the necessary stationery. Participants are responsible for incidental expenses (travel, accommodation, additional meals, etc.).

2.5, Participants will receive a certificate confirming participation upon completion of Med E Talks.

3. MedeTalks 2018 – Sponsorship Policy

1.Sponsorship Payment to Medetalks are made through Anvita Tours2health Pvt Ltd, the organizer of the event. Payment to be made in support of the Medetalks are to be completed before the commencement of the event.

2.Medetalks publicitycampaigning material(web) will include a copy of the sponsoring companys logo and this logo will be hyper linked to the companys website home page. Medetalks will do the hyper link.
3.The organizer has the final say in the placement of brochures, logos,banners and other such materials in regards with the sponsorship.
4.Display space shall be provided for the sponsors on the premises of the Medetalks venue.
5.In the event of cancellation by the sponsor, refund of sponsorship money shall not be entertained.
6.All mails in regards to the sponsorship is to be forwarded [email protected]. Youmay contact the organizer directly at +91 480 6061011/ +91 9388111600/ +91 9388111800

4. Fees and terms of payment

4.1, All fees are due before participation or entry into the premises of Med E Talks and has to be paid in full before entry into the hall . Service Tax as required by Indian law will be applicable/ included in all prices and indicated on the invoice.

4.2, The Fee includes(welcome drink or tea ,buffet lunch served at venue,evening tea and snacks) attendance of the talks or workshop and all Talk hand outs.

The Fee does not include accommodation, meals, travel or any other expenses that may be incurred by participants (except for lunch when explicitly mentioned in any description). The Fee does not include any other facilities or equipment.

5. Termination by T2H

5.1, T2H is entitled to terminate this terms and conditions of participation if excess or insufficient registration cannot guarantee proper or economically feasible training or certification. T2H is also entitled to terminate the contract due to speakers illness, technical reasons, or other reasons beyond T2H control.

5.2, Before exercising this right to termination, T2H will make every effort to reschedule Med E Talks, with the participant’s consent. In case of rescheduling, the contract will remain in effect and will be amended with the consent of both parties. If the parties cannot agree on the amendment to the contract, the contract will be terminated, and any fees paid by the customer will be reimbursed after deduction of any incidental expenses subject to a maximum of 15% of the Fees.

6. Termination by the participant

6.1, If the participant is unable to attend, the participant is entitled to designate another representative from his/her company or on his behalf to participate in Med E Talks before the training begins. This has to be intimated in writing/email 24hrs prior to the event.

6.2, The participant is entitled to terminate the contract via written notice at any time.

6.5, Rights to further claims are reserved by T2H. This especially concerns cancellation costs for travel already booked to the customer’s premises or to any other agreed upon location.

7. Substitutions and Cancellations by the Participant

7.1A qualified substitute may be enrolled in a participants place provided we are notified in writing/email 24hrs before the day of Med E Talks 2018. However, two or more participants may not share a place at an event.

A Participant may substitute/cancel or reschedule attendance of Med E Talks but T2H will apply the following charges

Refund Policy

Notice Period Cancellation Charge per participant
Before 30 days of event
25% of the registration/participation fee
Before 15 days of event
75% of the registration/participation fee
Before 7 days(1week) of event 100% of the registration/participation fee


7.2 All refunds will be processed only after 30 days of completion of the event.

8.Cancellations and Changes by T2H/MeT

If T2H/MeT changes the location of the Training Course, we will try to give our participants as much advance notice as possible of any such change. If the participant is unable to attend the Training Course at the revised location, we will refund 70% of prepaid registration/participation fee. However, we will not be liable for any other costs incurred including (for example) travel charges or any consequential damages, even if we were advised of them.

If T2H has to cancel the Training Course for any reason, then we will refund 90% of any prepaid Registration/Participation Fee, but we will not be liable for any other costs incurred including (for example) travel charges or any consequential damages, even if we were advised of them.

9.Alterations to the Med E Talks Program

It may become necessary for T2H/MeT to make alterations to the content, speaker, timing, venue or date of the Med E Talks as compared to the advertised program.

10.Warranty and Liability

The participant accepts that it is their responsibility to verify that the sessions of Med E Talks is suitable for the requirements of the participant attending and that the participant has the necessary level of competence to be able to achieve the objectives of attending Med E Talks. T2H shall have no liability for any use of, or any inability to use, any material supplied or knowledge gained from participation in the Med E Talks.

The Presentation content, and materials remain the copyright of T2H and corresponding partner/partners if any. Unauthorised copying or redistribution of the Med E Talk presentation materials is prohibited unless agreed in advance in writing by T2H.


Your rights under this Terms and Condition of Agreement are not property rights and may not be transferred to third parties. You are not authorized to resell any participant places to any external or third parties without the prior written agreement of T2H.

12.Amendment and Waiver

This Agreement may not be amended except in a writing/email as agreed upon by both parties. No waiver of any terms of this Agreement occurs unless in a writing/email as agrred upon by the party waiving its rights.

13.Force Majeure

T2H shall not be liable or deemed to be in default for any delay or failure in performance under this Agreement resulting directly or indirectly from acts of God, or any causes beyond the reasonable control of T2H.

14. Right to session documents,presentations

14.1, All documents are intended for the exclusive personal use of the participant.

14.2, The participant recognizes T2H’s copyright and therefore the exclusive distribution rights and right of use of training documents and presentations.

14.3, T2H gives the participant the single and nontransferable right to use presentations and ideas for his/organizations benefit. premises. The participant is not allowed to reproduce the presentations and documents, in particular to process them in electronic systems, duplicate, or modify them in any way, or distribute them in any form to third parties. All embedded knowledge/data and teaching systems provided by T2H to the participant on data storage media or made available on electronic networks are also considered session documents.

14.4, In addition, the participant recognizes all of MeT/T2H’s brand, trademark, name, and patent rights to the sessions and related documents. The participant may not remove, modify, or render unrecognizable copyright indications or indications of property rights.

15. Confidentiality

15.1, The participant is obligated to keep confidential all business and company secrets made known to him/her during sessions. This obligation is not limited to the training period. The participant may not share these with a third party or use them for his/her own purposes without written permission from T2H.

15.2, The participant may not conduct any internal or external training using session documents or presentations.

16. Liability

16.1, T2H/MeT is only liable to the participant, regardless of legal grounds, for willful misconduct or gross negligence on the part of T2H itself or its employees.

17. Other

17.1, The participant must obtain prior written permission from T2H to transfer all rights stipulated in the contract.

17.2, The law of the Republic of India, applies for all claims arising from this terms and conditions of agreement .

17.3, Changes and supplements to these terms and particularly warranties and agreements must be specified in writing to serve as point in controversy. Oral agreements are not valid.

17.4, Thrissur,Kerala,India is the place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from the terms and conditions of agreement.


18.1, Terms and condition of use agreement and/ or Agreement, Privacy Policy shall be governed in all respect by the laws of Indian Territory. T2H considers itself and intended to be subject to the jurisdiction only of the Courts of Thrissur,Kerala, India. The parties to this Agreement hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Thrissur,Kerala, India. Any disputes arising out of this agreement to be settled in the courts of Thrissur,Kerala, India

19 Notices

All notices requests, demands, waivers and other communications under this Agreement shall be in writing and shall be deemed to have been duly given if delivered personally or by facsimile transmission or electronic mail or mailed (certified or registered mail)

If to T2H, to The Managing Director ,Anvita Tours2Health Pvt Ltd,Asokam, Infopark Thrissur, Nalukettu Road, Koratty (P.O), Thrissur Dist ,Kerala, India Pin- 680308. or [email protected]

If to participant, to address provided during the Training Course registration process.

20 Your Contact Details

T2H will use the contact and participant details you provide during the registration process to provide you with further details regarding all services of T2H and Med E Talks. We may also include you on our mailing list, which we use to contact you from time to time with information on our other activities and events. You can unsubscribe from the mailing list at any time. We will never provide your details to a third party without your prior consent.


The terms and conditions and details in this document represent a complete statement of the agreement between the parties and supersede all prior discussions, correspondence and representations. Our brochures,websites and advertisements are for information purposes only and are not intended to form any agreement between T2H and the recipient.

These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice and changes will apply to any enrollment/registration order received before/after the date of the change. These terms and conditions may not be varied except in a written agreement signed by the management of T2H. Waiver by T2H of any of the terms herein or the granting of time or indulgence by T2H to the Customer shall in no way affect T2H’s rights hereunder.

If any provision herein is held to be invalid illegal or unenforceable, the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not in any way be affected or impaired. This agreement shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with Indian Law.


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