• Event Date & Time : January 26, 2020
  • Event Location : Bengaluru, India

Medetalks 2020

Healthcare Conference

  • Sunday
    January 26th 2020,9am to 5pm
  • Theme
    Healthcare on Tech Highways

Med-E-Talks '20 - Conference Theme

Healthcare on Tech Highways

Probably this time next year, little machines called drones would be dropping medicines off at homes across India. Gene editing; precision medicine; virtual reality; and tele-health - the other big game-changers - would also be closer home.

The trouble is things may be moving way too fast for us in the healthcare business. Being fence sitter- waiting for things to play out - may not work under the circumstance. We need to jump into the fast car now; know the wheel, the pedals and the navigator; and chart our own way on the tech highways.

Med-E-Talks ’20: To help us on that road!

About Us

Med-E-Talks '20 is organised once a year to find answers to tricky, and sometimes vexatious, problems confronting the healthcare industry.

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Whom to expect

Med-E-Talks '20 will see an assembly of some the sharpest minds, including speakers and panellists who have made their mark as technology innovators; as pioneers and early adopters of technology; as social engineers; and of course, as leaders of business. Their goal would be to bring the technology and market advances within the zone of understanding of all. The list of speakers are being finalised and will be released shortly.

Recommendation form: Meanwhile, if you know a speaker who can contribute to the theme of the conference, please fill the form below. We would be happy to evaluate and to send them an invite on your reference.

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Delegates at the conference get resources and support to help them maximise their opportunities. Among other privileges, they would also have access to other participants - speakers included - through a green channel. Through it, they could send requests for sideline meetings; or even forward advance questions for which they seek answers.

The green channel will run for a full year after the event to enable them to cultivate their newfound relations with fellow participants.

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