• Event Date & Time : January 26, 2020
  • Event Location : Bengaluru, India

Mr. Hemant Radhakrishnan

Mr. Hemant Radhakrishnan

Founder Director
Anvita Tours2health


Hemant Radhakrishnan, the Director of Anvita India, has a take on why some people think technology is vagrant and disruptive. He believes it is a storyline that runs deep with people who are mostly late arrivers to the scene.

The landscape changes rapidly once a relevant piece of technology is introduced to an industry. He points to Amazon as an example of how it transformed the retail businesses - albeit, for the good.

The sufferers in the game, however, are those people who either decide in their wisdom to be impervious to the coming of technology or decide to sit laggardly by waiting to see how the ground shifts due to it.

Another set of people who feel the pinch are those who introduce technology to their companies but hesitate to bring on the business process changes needed to go with it.

The third kind of people who get caught in the twist are those who start off on the notion that technology can roll along without the need of supportive upgrades.

Modern world technologies are by-words for progress. They are seen as a measure of delivering consumer convenience, and of establishing the ease-of-doing business.

Hemant is die-hard believer of the technology game. He pushes for it everywhere he goes. At Med-E-Talks ’20, however, he want to also add a few, cautionary notes while giving his version of the dos and don’t to follow to win at the game.

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