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Health care shame: India ranked 154th among 195 countries in terms of health care quality.

Date :2017-11-16

Despite all the improvements in health care, there is still a huge difference between the best and worst performing countries in health care sector…

India has failed to achieve significant goals in health care and finished 154th among the 195 countries of study, as per the new Global Burden of Disease study published in the medical journal Lancet.

India finished behind China, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh in terms of accessibility and quality of health care.


Some interesting health care facts from the study

The standard of primary care  is lower than the expected in many nations, given their improvements in wealth and development.

The countries with the highest health care quality are Canada, Australia, Japan and much of Europe.

Some of the rich nations were also lower in their health care standards. United States of America is ranked 35th, lower than most of the american’s would expect. Britain also was ranked well below their expected levels at 30.


High performing countries

Whereas countries like South Korea, Peru and China made a significant improvement in health care quality since 1990.

China is ranked 74th in the study, where Sri Lanka ranked 73 and Bangladesh reached 52 in terms of health care accessibility and quality.


Insights on Indian health care, based on the study

The study shows that India performed worse than expected in tuberculosis, diabetes, rheumatic heart diseases and chronic kidney disease.

This study warns us that heightened health care infrastructure in not necessarily a sign of health care development for a nation.

The 32 diseases for which death rates were tracked included tuberculosis and other respiratory infections, illnesses that can be prevented with vaccines – such as diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus and measles – several forms of treatable cancer and heart disease, and maternal or neonatal disorders.

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