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The New Wave of Healthcare - Digital and Social

Date : 2017-12-11


At MelanoSite Medetalks 2018, Mr. Hemant Radhakrishnan  - Director, Anvita Tours2health - addressses the topic "The Future of Healthcare - Digital and Social "

Over the years, websites have become increasingly more complex. At first, customers had to search through a website in order to find any sort of contact information. Earlier websites were often built for artistic taste rather than best practices for direct response techniques.

Mr.Hemant Radhakrishnan is a well known tech entrepreneur who founded Anvita Tours2Health, a business venture in  medical tourism field. Prior to that he worked with Indiamart Intermesh Ltd, BPL Cellular, NEST BPO Services and gained wide experience. He received “ Pillar of Success” award in 2009-2010 for the performance in IndiaMart Inter Mesh Limited. He has great expertise in sales & marketing, business process outsourcing, client servicing, profit-centered operations etc.

Digital marketing is not the first avenue considered by healthcare marketers to reach patients and customers. Yet, patients are becoming more tech savvy i.e they do online research to find the right doctor, treatment, or medication. Bringing digital marketing in healthcare can bring many benefits to marketers.

An Insight to Future of Healthcare

Today, a local private physician practice can compete with well-established hospitals.They can begin their healthcare marketing by keeping their website as the hub for all advertising activities. There are a variety of ways to capture a potential patient’s key information on  websites.

Long Term Benefits

  • Many marketers in the healthcare field only look at the price of inventory and are not  willing to spend more for digital marketing. The problem with this approach is that the amount spend on ads in digital media is often higher in the beginning and then reduces over time. If a marketer shuts off marketing within the first month, then they may not get the full advantage of their campaigns.
  • Digital marketing is new to the healthcare field, but it will become more commonplace over time. Marketers that figure out their digital strategy now will have a long-term advantage
  • It has become clear that consumers and patients make use of online resources both during initial research and ongoing care – thus, it has become very important that organizations make use of digital compliance marketing to boost patient engagement and most importantly the care outcomes.


Future of healthcare - Digital and Social 




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