• Event Date & Time : January 26, 2020
  • Event Location : Bengaluru, India


Med-E-Talks 2019 would provide solutions through “Market Engagement Tracking System” (METS) for the first time, using evidence-based methodology; CEO’s can measure the impact of the marketing mix. That would allow you to understand the performance of many factors across the digital marketing spectrum from websites, paid search engine tools, Facebook and social media, to personalization, analytics, and security. Medetalks would equip you to quantitatively compare marketing engagement, both within the 5 KM radius and with players in other localities/areas.

  • Med-E-Talks 2019 would allow you to explore things you should know before initiating a camp/campaign/media outreach and develop Techniques to drive patient engagement through market leadership and brand positioning.
  • Med-E-Talks 2019 will arm marketers with an understanding of web analytics and metrics with which they can measure the performance of their digital marketing efforts.
  • Med-E-Talks 2019 will give insights into how to increase engagement, leads and conversions, Insights into digital marketing will enable marketers to get enhanced performance from their teams and digital agencies while reducing the cost of their digital campaigns.
  • Use cases and testimonials that highlight the art of "MM" the possible within the full realm of mobile marketing – you don’t know what you don’t know, and expert guidance will help take your own mobile strategy further.

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Who Should Attend

  • Doctors 
  • Hospital Administrators
  • Hospital Quality Managers
  • Hospital Management Students
  • Hospital Marketing Professionals
  • Hospital CEOs, COOs & Promoters
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Medical Tourism Agents
  • Hospital Managers
  • Hospital Owners
  • Clinic Owners
  • Media Professionals
  • Researchers & Academicians.

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